Invents Releases "R-Erma": Head Coverings Are Colorful, Warm and Whimsical for All Ages

Covering the head is important, and the lower the temperatures that one is exposed to, the more important it is. Statistics on the Internet state: “when we are cold, our bodies respond in two ways. First, we shiver and generate heat by moving. If this does not work well enough, blood flow to the extremities is reduced; we use our blood to keep our core and vital organs warm and sacrifice fingers, toes, ears, and noses to frostbite.” The R-Erma is a product line of soft, fleece winter caps – colorful, warm, and whimsical – designed to offer consumers of all ages and both sexes the optimal combination of comfort, warmth, and winter style. Unique in design, functional, and highly stylish, the R-Erma would be a winter cap that consumers would not only need but want. Offered in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns, and providing consumers not only warmth and winter comfort, but whimsical, trend-setting, head-turning style.

The R-Erma is presented as a soft, pull-on fleece cap, considerably longer, wider, and higher than a typical beanie, with a 4½-inch doubled band at the bottom. Above the band the R-Erma extends upward as a tube, one side of which is 15¼”L with the other side shorter at 11 7/8”L. When laid on a table, the cap appears to be canted, angled, or lop-sided. The middle-region tube widens to terminate at the top in another doubled band –12¼ inches from end to end – which not only closes the top of the hat, but also contains a pair of fabric bands or tassels which, when pulled outward, extend outward on either side of the top of the cap and hang down. When worn by the models, the R-Erma is tilted back, providing full coverage of the forehead, ears, head and upper neck; and the tassels hang down, pendant-like, at the back and on either side of the cap. This gives it a festive, whimsical aspect but the cap appears warm, cozy, and fun. The designs include solid colors as well as graphic patterns, from a basketball-themed material to one with cartoon characters. R-Erma is mass-produced in sizes ranging from those for toddlers to those for adults. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in R-Erma.
The R-Erma is Patent Pending and was invented by a Rommele Brown, a talented designer/entrepreneur and construction worker in South Holland, IL who said, “It is a real “head-turner.” It warms and protects the head and it works.”

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