Invents Releases 'Simplastic': An Enclosed Functional Container for Bathroom Cleaning Supplies.

Whether one is male or female, the bathroom is a room that always needs to be kept clean and neat but done in such in a manner that it is not noticeable. This new product is a way to conceal cleaning supplies and keep them within reach at the same time. Simplastic is a two-in-one storage solution that stylishly conceals bathroom cleaning supplies. A combination toilet brush and toilet brush holder in the top of the unit and bottled cleaning supply holder in the bottom of the unit, this uniquely designed, dual compartmented, hourglass assembly is perfect for modern and discreet storage of bathroom cleaning supplies.

Simplastic is a stylish and unique storage solution serving to conceal bathroom cleaning supplies. Featuring a child-proof top, the Simplastic is great for all bathrooms, public and private. This cylindrical, hourglass unit is perfect for the storage of toilet brushes and bathroom cleaning chemicals, separate from each other, yet in one convenient location. The handle of the toilet brush has a rubber grip and includes the top to the holder attached to its middle, so when the brush is put into the holder, it automatically covers the Simplastic unit. Midway down is the detachable bottom portion of the holder. Opening the bottom unit reveals the bottled bathroom cleanser which can be removed, used, and put back neatly and discreetly in place. The top of the hourglass holds the toilet brush and the bottom portion holds the bottle of cleaning solution. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Simplistic.

Simplistic is Design Patented and invented by Kathleen Huff-Strominski of Valparaiso, IN who said, “The product name equals its convenient holder which is also child-proof. It serves its purpose with ease containing the cleaning products necessary to clean a bathroom in one enclosed container. It works.”

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