Invents Releases "The Aqua Therapy Boot", Keep Horses Free Of Hoof Problems

The Aqua Therapy Boot helps control Laminitis, preventing founder and rotation in equine.

Laminitis is a disease that affects the hooved feet of horses. Severe cases are known as founder and progression of the disease may lead to perforation of the coffin bone through the bottom of the sole of the foot of the animal, thus requiring aggressive treatment or euthanasia. A new product, the Aqua Therapy Boot, can stop and prevent founder and rotation of the hoof of horses. It is a specially designed cooling device intended to prevent and reduce inflammation and localized fever as well as increase circulation.

The Aqua Therapy Boot circulates cold fluids through specially designed boots to absorb heat from the horse's leg and then circulate the fluids through the heat exchanger of the unit. The heat is then transferred to the ice, melting it, and releasing the heat from the unit. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the Aqua Therapy Boot.

"My device will keep horses free of painful inflammation of their hooves. The Aqua Therapy Boot cools a horse's leg and keeps cool water circulated. This, in turn, reduces swelling, fever and increases circulation. It works."

Carlos Vargas, Inventor

The Patent Pending Aqua Therapy Boot was invented by Carlos Vargas of Hockley, TX, who said, “To use the Aqua Therapy Boot one simply fills the coil area with ice, cooling the coils which in turn gradually cool the water within the coils as it circulates between the boot and the main unit. The Aqua Therapy Boot effectively cools a horse's leg, keeping freshly cooled water circulated around the leg as needed. The Aqua Therapy Boot serves to reduce inflammation, localized fever, and increases circulation in the horse's leg to stop Laminitis, founder, and rotation. By controlling inflammation as early as possible with the use of the Aqua Therapy Boot, Laminitis can be controlled and founder and rotation possibly prevented, sparing the animal from much unnecessary pain.”

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