Invents Releases "The Cake Caddy": Provide Safe Movement and Transport for Fragile Products.

The word transport means many things but when moving a tall delicate cake to a wedding or a reception it has vital impact. The Cake Caddy is a unit that provides a more reliable means of transporting tall wedding cakes, tiered cakes, large floral arrangements or ice sculptures from their place of creation to their destination. The Cake Caddy is constructed of stainless steel and can be made in a variety of sizes accommodating the need of various sized cakes.

The cake can be made on its own platform or transferred from another table from which it was created. When being transferred from another table the Cake Caddy is positioned near the table where the cake is completed and ready for transport, the user will raise the platform to table height position and slide the tray into the tables direction allowing easy safe transport from table to the Cake Caddy. The sliding tray's integrated rubber mat prevents sliding. The hinged sides are then positioned upwards and the platform is then lowered to desired level depending on cake height. Once the cake is secured the adjustable breathable element resistant mesh cover is then applied for protection. The poles are adjusted as needed to allow the Cake Caddy to be conveniently pushed inside a vehicle. The device will keep tall wedding cakes stabilized in the vehicle for safe transport from one destination to another. The Cake Caddy prevents the baker or caterer from having to repair icing damage upon arrival at the destination. Lockable rotating castors provide free movement of the device and shock absorbers prevent vibration while rolling on rough or unlevel surfaces. Under the platform and sliding tray is a drawer for storage of tools needed by the baker/caterer. To raise/lower the platform levers are lifted up or down by means of a hydraulic lift and secured into place with lock tabs.
The Cake Caddy is Patent Pending and was invented by Margaret Allen of Philadelphia, PA who said, “The Cake Caddy offers bakers, caterer and other needing to deliver a “top-heavy or tall product elsewhere with a reliable means of transport. The Caddy changes a multiple person job into a single person operation. The Cake Caddy can also be used for floral arrangements, ice sculptures or any larger delicate items that need to be transported from one destination to another. It works perfectly.”

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