Invents Releases "The Cut Blocker", Prevent Nicks Or Slips While Giving A Haircut

Whether a veteran hair stylist or novice, The Cut Blocker mechanically prevents painful scissor cuts from happening without upsetting the rhythm of the work.

While hair stylists and cosmetologists may enjoy their craft, they also know that cutting hair can result in painful snips, nicks, and cuts. A new product, the Cut Blocker is an aid for anyone who uses scissors. It prevents accidentally cutting oneself and others, which is not only painful, but may also pose a health hazard. The Cut Blocker prevents the painful snips, nicks, and cuts from happening without mental concentration, allowing stylists to focus completely on the more important aspects of their craft.

A small round attachment made of rubber and acrylic, the Cut Blocker fits on the stopper of any pair of scissors – the short protrusion sits between the finger handles and prevents the scissors' blades from fully closing at the tip. Available in various sizes and colors, the Cut Blocker is a hollow attachment designed to easily snap on and snap off, and requires no fitting or measuring. The Cut Blockers can be shared among professionals because they leave no material behind when removed. For scissors without a stopper or with a wide flat shank, the Cut Blocker select will be designed with self-sticking adhesive. In this case, the Cut Blocker still does not require fitting or measuring, but instead, just placement considering.

"Whether one is a patron of a salon or the stylists, the Cut Blocker is a tool that offers effective results without any nicks or cuts on the customer. It works perfectly!"

Sandra Kay Long, Inventor

The Patent Pending Cut Blocker was invented by Sandra Kay Long of West Babylon, NY, who said, “The Cut Blocker offers security, freedom, simplicity, and effective results. It is clearly a tool that is greatly needed.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Development of this product is being handled by Invents Company. For more information about licensing or sale, contact the Licensing Department at Invents Company, 450 7th Avenue, Suite #1107 NY, NY 10123   Tel: 212-620-2629