Invents Releases "The Doggie Door Screen Door": Freedom Reigns With This Perfect Opening for Pets to Come and Go They Please

The love of people for their pet means that they recognize the need to care properly for the animal. Proper care towards their four-legged family member has a vital impact on both the pet and the owner and this new product aids both. The Doggie Door Screen Door is an aluminum-framed, screened insert to be mounted on an existing screen door, and features its own, hinged, rubber-flap doggie door. The Doggie Door Screen Door is designed to protect screen doors from damage due to a pet’s scratching, while allowing the pet easy access in or out, through the door. The Doggie Door Screen Door also saves time by saving pet owners from walking back and forth to let their dog or cat in and out.

From the front, the rubber-flap doggie door is at the bottom left and this top-hinged flap measures 9½”W x 13”D x 13½”H. The sides and bottom of the Doggie Door Screen Door are equipped with bristles or rubber flanges that keeps the flap closed in the absence of a pet pushing against it. Screw-holes at the four corners of the Doggie Door Screen Door permits the door to be fastened over the frame of an existing screen door. In some doors this may require the removal of the screen-door's solid bottom panel. Installation of the Doggie Door Screen Door may require that the lower-left corner of the door's existing screen be cut requiring that the vertical frame component at the right side of the flap be equipped with a channel and clip-molding to refasten the edge of the cut screen and maintain the integrity of the door screen. Installation would be relatively quick and easy.
The Doggie Door Screen Door is Patent Pending and was invented by Mark Lencioni of Fremont, CA who said, “Not only does the Doggie Door Screen Door give our dogs and cats free rein to come and go as they please, it spares screen doors from the scratching and clawing damage that pets resort to when they want to go out or come in and are prevented from doing so by a closed screen door. It works.”

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