Invents Releases 'The Linknut': Ensures a Secure and Snug Fit Without Over-Tightening the Bolt.

Every mechanic or handyman has—at one time or another—been disturbed by certain duties he or she may have completed that were not always completed satisfactorily. This new product solves a problem. The Linknut is a specially designed set of bolts and nuts outfitted with a unique anterior and interior configuration of retractable, gripping “teeth” components. The Linknut provides an easy means of preventing stripped bolts while also improving torque load on the bolts.

The Linknut is a line of nuts and bolts boasting internal and external retractable “teeth” grippers that are specially designed for easily tightening and removing any rounded fastener. Linknut would be a cylindrical fitting, with a wide variety of size configurations to accommodate any job at hand. Essentially, the system offers a bolt that is comprised of an inside threaded collar with an outside that has multiple “triangles” positioned on the outside of the inner collar, with the points of the triangles wrapping around the sides and connecting to the next. The outside collar will also have multiple triangles in reverse orientation to the inside triangles to provide a ramp for the outside collar to rotate around the outside but still lock into place when rotated clockwise. This allows the bolt to be removed. The outside collar of the bolt will be filled with an elastic material that can be compressed and restores rigidity when tension is removed. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Linknut.
The Linknut is Patent Pending and was invented by Coty Link of San Diego, CA who said, “The Linknut solves the problem of stretching or stripping threads while at the same guarantees a proper torque load on the bolt. When using this device, it works properly saving time and money.”

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