Invents Releases "The Medicine Reminder & Dispenser", End Question On When To Take Meds

The Medicine Reminder and Dispenser will work for for each individual user depending upon that particular user's needs.

Anyone who spends time watching the History Channel will no doubt remember the old fashioned pill dispensers. But now, one can stay current and updated in the 21st Century when dispensing medication, by using the new Medicine Reminder and Dispenser. This product reminds patients and/or caregivers it is time to take medication as scheduled by a physician. The LED touchscreen can be programmed with a schedule for a day and time the medicine is to be dispensed and the screen will actively flash “Medicines Ready.”

The Medicine Reminder and Dispenser is a digital, daily/weekly/monthly dispenser for medications featuring programmable timing with audio and visual reminders that ensure when a medication is supposed to be ingested, either the caregiver or the patient will be alerted in a time manner. It has a maximum of twenty medication wells, each of which is for an individually programmable medication in terms of when and how many pills to dispense per dose. The unit also features an optional motorized pill-grinder or crusher to pulverize solid pills when necessary. The front of the device has the LED touch screen and the menu and provides step-by-step. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional interest in the Medicine Reminder and Dispenser.

"This device meets the medication/prescription needs of every single user. It is amazing that it has taken this long to come into the marketplace, because everyone will gain from using it."

Jose Sotelo, Inventor

The Patent Pending Medicine Reminder and Dispenser was invented by Jose Sotelo of Morton Grove, IL who said, “This is a product that works perfectly for all users. It also has a syringe with insulin inside which can be prepared weekly or monthly depending on the patient needs. The machine is refrigerated inside to keep required meds at optimal temperature, however, the tablet compartment is not refrigerated. The rechargeable batteries can be used where electrical outlets are not available. Anyone, and I mean anyone, using this Dispenser will be totally happy with its performance.”

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