Invents Releases "The Push Up King", Tailor Resistance Level To Individual Needs

The Push Up King is an invaluable tool in losing weight and improving overall health.

A push up is a common calisthenics exercise performed in a prone position by raising and lowering the body using the arms. Push ups are a great way to tone the upper body if they are done correctly. The Push Up King helps one do this exercise properly by ensuring that the correct posture is maintained at all times. It is a specially designed portable exercise device that gives an easy and effective way to achieve a proper push-up position and build body strength.

Patent Pending, The Push Up King was invented by John King of New York, NY, who said, “The Push Up King is a simple way to increase the benefits of a basic push up. It has an adjustable support platform that one rests on his or her chest and torso. The resistance level can be tailored to fit one's fitness level and needs with the easily adjusted valve mechanism on the side of the Push Up King. The Push Up King increases the benefits of the push-up, toning the biceps, triceps and forearms while strengthening the back, chest and abdominal muscles. It is ideal for beginners because it can be easily modified allowing beginners to safely exercise at their own pace. It alleviates the weight of the upper torso helping them to complete a push up in a more comfortable and easy manner. Those who are more experienced should also appreciate The Push Up King because they can transform the simple push-up exercise into one that not only strengthens the arms and shoulders, but also works the core muscle groups by increasing the resistance provided by the device or modifying the push up itself.”

"This is simple for beginners as well as those advanced in fitness programs. It allows the user to be comfortable while doing push-ups because it alleviates the upper torso weight and allows for a complete push-up with ease."

John King, Inventor

The inventor added, “With The Push Up King, one can tone and build muscles, burn calories and increase energy. It is an invaluable tool in losing weight and improving overall health.”

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