Invents Releases 'The Souper Scooper': Provides Precise Serving Type Desired by the Individual Being Served.

The online Merriam-Webster dictionary describes a “serving” as follows: an amount of food or drink that is enough for one person. However, that single serving is not the same for everyone and depends entirely upon the likes or dislikes of an individual. Now there is a simple way to provide a proper serving by using the new Souper Scooper. The is an improved, multi-featured ladle for soups, stews and similar fare. A ladle that features its own built-in strainer and unique emptying system for separating meats and vegetables from broth. Whether you like lots of broth with your soup or stew or only a little, the Souper Scooper is the ideal utensil for the job.

The Souper Scooper is designed to separate meats, vegetables and herbs from sauces or broths and then to dispense both — first the sauce or broth from the ladle bowl, as much or as little as the diner prefers. It is made of food-grade stainless steel and is dishwasher-safe. It has a 6-ounce bowl divided into two halves. The halves are seated one against the other and sealed when the bowl is closed with permanent silicon gaskets. The two halves of the bowl are held together by a spring-loaded mechanism designed to open like a clamshell when the slider-switch on the handle is pushed down. The stainless-steel concave strainer is form-fitting and sits down slightly inside the Scooper's bowl and is hinged at the handle. Another feature has a separate, hinged “crusher lid” allowing the meats, vegetables and herbs collected in the strainer to be mashed if the diner prefers. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Souper Scooper.

The Souper Scooper is patent pending and was invented by Luisa Aguirre of Hicksville, NY who said, “The Souper Scooper ladle strains out the meats, veggies and herbs and dispenses as little or as much broth as the diner desires. It works perfectly and helps deliver dinner servings without a single flaw.”

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