Invents Releases "Tool HeadZ", Condense Hand Tool Space In Garage Or Workshop

The new and unique Tool HeadZ is a multitude of manual hand tools in one single set that is easy to assembly and interchangeable.

Is the garage filled with so much stuff that the car won't fit in there anymore? Do the tools in the garden shed, utility room or closet take up too much room? If one wants to have more space, the Tool HeadZ is the solution. The Tool HeadZ condenses the amount of space needed for each individually purchased tool. It is a full set of premium-quality, sturdily built manual handtools which, through a design featuring interchangeable heads and universal handles, constitute a unique, easily stowed, modular tool set. Already proven in field testing, The Tool HeadZ is truly a tool set built to last a lifetime.

The Patent Pending Tool HeadZ was invented by Josh Yoffee of Lenhartsville, PA and Gary Maga of Mohnton, PA, who said, “Easily stored and easily assembled, the Tool HeadZ consists of interchangeable tool-heads and a set of universal steel handles. The different heads are attached and locked onto the handles. Each of the tools has a forged, tool-grade steel head, and each is equipped with a locking, threaded mounting socket, also made of tool-grade steel. The top ends of the tool handles are equipped with threaded sockets. These are concealed beneath their caps and permit one to combine different handles to achieve the length desired.

"The Tool HeadZ includes a heavy-duty canvas carry-bag with sleeves or pockets for various handles and heads. The handles of the tools are made of steel or aluminum so that they will not break, splinter, or bend."

Josh Yoffee and Gary Maga, Inventors

The tools included are a large and medium Ames or round-point shovel; a gardener's trowel; a gravel rake; a hard-tine rake or bow rake; a light-tined leaf rake; a mattock; a hoe;a hatchet or ax; and a carpenter's hammer The set also includes a small eight inch handle, a medium eighteen inch handle, a medium twenty-four inch handle with a T-style grip, and a large straight handle thirty-six inches in length.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Development of this product is being handled by Invents Company. For more information about licensing or sale, contact the Licensing Department at Invents Company, 450 7th Avenue, Suite #1107 New York, NY 10123. Tel: 212-620-2629 



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