Invents Reveals "Curry's Baby Saver": Alerts Driver to Child or Pet Inadvertently Left in Back Seat of Vehicle.

Two words that always seem to go together are security and safety. Those two words are never more important than when concerning the safety and security of a child. Technology continues to grow in leaps and bounds in today’s world and it has been harnessed, in this instance, to prevent leaving a helpless child (or a beloved pet) in a vehicle. Curry's Baby Saver is a security safety system that is specially designed for use in automobiles. The design is used to alert users they have inadvertently left a child or a pet in a car via a mobile app. Curry's Baby Saver allows users significant benefits and the vital advantage of saving a life.

This alarm system is specially designed to alert a car owner that the vehicle is still occupied. It is comprised of a computer chip which, when placed within the vehicle underneath the dashboard, works in conjunction with a specialized phone application to provide the necessary alerts. As such, before embarking on a journey, the parent or caregiver would activate the Curry's Baby Saver system via their smartphone. The system begins working as soon as the car's engine has started. After reaching the destination and the engine is turned off, the app will send an alert to the user's phone that the system should be disengaged. After a short interval if the app is still active, the signals will be sent via the computer chip to a series of flashing lights, the car's horn sounding, along with a vocal warning, “Baby left in back seat!” If the child is not removed after the second warning the system will automatically lower the car's windows and activate a series of fans installed along the vehicle's headliner. A wireless alert can also be sent to authorities if the child is not removed in a timely manner.
The Curry‘s Baby Saver is Patent Pending and was invented by Carlos Curry of Chicago, IL who said, “Tragedy can be easily averted when utilizing the Curry’s Baby Saver. It is designed as an aftermarket product and prevents rushed and harried parents from unintentionally leaving a helpless child or pet in a car. It works.”

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