Invents Reveals "Evdo's Fishing Pole Retriever": Unit Provides a True "Catch" When Using This Device

Attention fishermen. Protecting the costly equipment that makes one’s favorite sport or hobby available—the fishing pole—itself is of vital importance to the angler. Evdo's Fishing Pole Retriever is a fishing accessory designed to keep an angler from losing a fishing pole when it falls or is pulled into the water. It is designed to deploy upon immersion in water, the Evdo's Fishing Pole Retriever inflates a netted balloon to float atop the water, with a line attached to the submerged reel. The fisherman simply locates the balloon and pulls the pole up with the attached line.

The Evdo's Fishing Pole Retriever is a cylinder shaped attachment with a hard molded plastic casing that measures 7 to 8”L x 2”W.  The retriever, with Velcro straps, mounts on and around the tail end of the fishing pole. Within this casing is a hollow tube where water flows through which chemically activates the balloon to inflate instantly. The balloon inflates within a form fitted net, with a metal ring that is attached to the netted balloon by 50’ of 50 lb test fishing line. When the Evdo's equipped fishing pole is dropped or pulled into the water, the chemically activated balloon inflates rising to the surface with its netted covering. The balloon and netting may be grasped by hand or by means of gaff or boat hook. The submerged pole is then simply retrieved by pulling the 50 foot line that connects the metal ring to the retriever mounted on the pole. The Evdo's system is designed to deploy instantly and automatically thus making the entire operation quick and easy. The lost pole won't get far before it's retrieved because the balloon and net act as a highly visible buoy.
Evdo’s Fishing Pole Retriever is Patent Pending and was invented by Gerald Evdokimoff of Riverside, CA who said, “This unit works perfectly for every angler who has invested in fishing equipment. It works equally well for the fresh or salt-water fisherman. This “catch” pops right up so you can see it and then grab it. Evdo’s Fishing Pole Retriever works.”

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