Invents Reveals 'The Corn Plate': Keeps Food Items Separated in Their Own Space.

For those that have fussy eaters in their household this new plate may be an answer to their problems. For anyone who's ever been challenged by food touching or food juices and gravies invading other menu items, the Corn Plate is the solution. One can now enjoy everything from appetizers, salads, the main course and dessert, all on a single plate designed with an elongated channel. The Corn Plate keeps food items that are best enjoyed when separated from other menu choices in their place, providing a plate that is balanced, easy to carry, and user-friendly for all ages. The plate is elegant for dinner parties, yet a perfect solution for first birthday celebrations, backyard parties, and commercial uses.

The Corn Plate has an elongated, cylindrical channel, recessed compartment with slightly raised side walls and is positioned in the center of the plate ensuring that heavier or uniquely-shaped food such corn or a sausage does not shift about during transport. Three additional food storage chambers are included in the Corn Plate with a large compartment positioned on one end of the center compartment and two smaller compartments located on the opposite side. The Corn Plate has four, ample compartments for storing and separating foods. The Corn Plate can be manufactured as a heavy duty reinforced ecofriendly paper, plastic or Styrofoam in both reusable and disposable formats. The Corn Plate is produced in a range of sizes including small appetizer plates and standard 9” dining plates and includes a standard round version but also in rectangular and oval versions. Take-out versions include a one piece hinged back with front tab secure lid or snap on removable cover. The Corn Plate comes in white as well as in a variety of colors and designs. This stackable plate can be sold in bulk with fifty plates or more per package. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Corn Plate.

The Corn Plate is Patent Pending and was invented by John Bidochka of Palos Hills, IL who said, “The Corn Plate ensures that each prepared food is enjoyed on its own with the integrity of flavors remaining intact. It has a perfect use for restaurants and similar take-out facilities but works equally well for large gatherings, picnics and church events and more. The Corn Plate works.”

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