Invents Reveals "The Flashlight Stand": Precisely Positions Illumination Where Needed Without Use of a Helping Hand

This new product has been long-needed. The Flashlight Stand provides aimed illumination without having to hold the light directing it at the work area. It works for those jobs where one needs aimed light and both hands to complete the necessary work and the Flashlight Stand is the answer and solves the problem. It has a suction-cup base or clamp mounted flashlight with a mountable base and flexible shaft. The Flashlight Stand allows a user to achieve hands-free illumination with a flashlight when performing a wide variety of tasks at work or around the home.
The Flashlight Stand is made in two base designs enabling easy mounting to virtually any surface. The suction cup mount base will attach to any smooth non-porous surface such as glass or metal, while the clamp mount enables attachment to any extruded edge such as a shelf or edge of a table. The base may be easily interchanged as mounting options vary. The flexible shaft is simply removed from the suction base and then inserted in the same manner into the clamp base for example. The shaft end may be screw mounted or use a bayonet type twist and lock type fastener temporarily mounting the flashlight and flexible arm to the base. The Flashlight Stand is a simple device for directing light where needed in a hands-free manner using a flexible arm. Simply mount the device to any mountable surface near the work area and direct the light where illumination is needed. The flexible shaft allows users to position the light in otherwise hard to reach areas.  
The Flashlight Stand is Patent Pending and was invented by Betty Jean Green of Inglewood, CA  who said, “Everyone knows that a flashlight provides mobile and on-the-spot illumination, but the common drawback is that one needs to be holding it. The function of the Flashlight Stand is to hold it for the user.  It is convenient, effective and allows the user to use both his or her hands. It works perfectly.”

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