Invents Unveils "Dog Buckle", Protect Beloved Pet When Riding In Moving Vehicle

The Dog Buckle supplies ride safety for pet while at the same time relieving owner anxiety' it gets a grip on your pet resulting in safe vehicle travels.

Automotive seat belts are a given for humans, but then think about dogs while moving in a car or truck. The Dog Buckle is an adjustable adapter (or safety clip) specially designed to be attached to an existing vehicle seat belt and configured to secure pets by the harness when they are in the automobile.

The design intent of the Dog Buckle is to provide pet owners with a simple and effective means of protecting their beloved animals from possible injury in the event of an accident or sudden stop while they are riding in the vehicle. The Dog Buckle allows pet owners to relax during transport because it steadfastly secures the animal to the vehicle while it is in motion.  Televised test marketing results have been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Dog Buckle.

"Sudden stops (or fender benders) are always a danger for vehicle occupants. If an occupant happens to be a beloved little Shih Tzu, not in a secure seat, the potential for injury is beyond belief. Whether the dog is a small dog or a larger one such as a Lab, injury is a given. The Dog Buckle will help keep your pet safe."

Paul Garcia, Inventor

The Patent Pending Dog Buckle was invented by Paul Garcia of West Covina, CA who said, “This is both simple and easy to use and avoids potential injury in the event of a fender-bender or sudden stop. The Dog Buckle comes in different colors—bright red, yellow, pink, white, green, silver and purple and can be engraved with the name or license or anything you want on it as well. I know that dog owners will appreciate the Dog Buckle and the dogs will benefit from its use.”

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