Invents Unveils "E-C Form", Concrete Completion Made Simple By Accurate Flat Formwork

The new easy-to-use E-C Form simplifies the process of setting and securing wooden forms for concrete flatwork.

Most contractors would probably agree that they would like to simplify the process of setting and securing wooden forms for concrete flatwork. Now, there is a way to do just that! The easy to use E-C Form is the ideal accessory for such projects as laying sidewalks and patios, carports, and outbuilding slabs. It is a metal bracket designed to hold wooden concrete forms securely in place by means of rebar stakes. It eliminates the need for cutting and trimming wooden stakes – and eliminates the need for any tool beyond a sledgehammer. It makes the job of constructing concrete forms faster, easier, and more efficient, and produces a top-quality form that stays secure, stable, and on grade.

The Patent Pending E-C Form was invented by Gregorio Echenique Gomez of Dunellen, NJ, who said, “The E-C Form is a piece of fabricated metal hardware that secures and stabilizes 2x4 and 2x6 wooden concrete forms, without the need for wooden stakes. Fabricated in galvanized sheet metal, it can be produced in two sizes-, one for working with 2x4 forms, and a larger size for 2x6 forms. The E-C Form for the 2x4 form measures 3½ inches in height and 4 inches in width, with a depth of 13/8-inches. For a 2x6 form, the E-C Form measures 5½ inches in height and 8 inches in width. The E-C Form simply slides down over the wooden form to secure it, with the outer end of the bracket sliding down over driven rebar stakes. The stakes are well removed from the form, so there is no need to make them flush with the top of the form. The E-C Form holds the wooden form securely against the pressure of the wet concrete, and on grade. When the concrete has set, the E-C Form is simply lifted off, and the bracket can be used and re-used on an indefinite basis.”

"Working with concrete one has to be exact with measurements. And the E-C Forms helps makes that possible. Best of all E-C Form eliminates the need to finding, cutting and trimming wooden states and no tool is needed beyond a sledgehammer to complete the formwork."

Gregorio Echenique Gomez, Inventor

The inventor added, “The E-C Form is sturdy, durable, and built to withstand repeated use. Concrete contractors and small construction firms will find the device a terrific bargain – saving them time and frustration, and easily paying for itself on job after job.”

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