Invents Unveils "Easy Pour Mixing Bowl", Make Life Simpler For Every Cook & Chef

The Easy Pour Mixing Bowl allows user to pour without spilling contents. The efficiency of this bowl solves problems for a kitchen occupant and the one who does the clean-up too.

Every chef or cook has been faced with the problem of spills and drips when trying to transfer the contents from a mixing bowl into a dish, pan or cooking surface. That problem ends when using the new Easy Pour Mixing Bowl. The Easy Pour Mixing Bowl is a specially modified mixing bowl that features a pouring spout in a lower position than on conventional units. The design intent is to provide a fully functional kitchen tool that alleviates the messes that can result from pouring out the contents of a mixing bowl.

The Easy Pour Mixing Bowl line comes in standard sizes, 8”, 10” and 12” and is a circular non-handled dish fabricated of glass, durable plastic or aluminum materials. When ready to pour the bowl is to be carefully tipped and the contents flow easily and freely from the lowered spout. It is a far more efficient means of pouring because of the lowered spout egress that gives the user control over the pouring process. The line comes in a variety of colors to appeal to individual likes. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Easy Pour Mixing Bowl.

"This is an essential tool in every kitchen. It solves the problem of contents wanting to go where not intended and makes life easier for the chef/cook. Once used, no cook or chef will ever want to be without it."

Gerald Shaw, Inventor

The Patent Pending Easy Pour Mixing Bowl was invented by Gerald Shaw of Cleveland, TX who said, “This line of bowls is an essential tool in any kitchen, that of a professional chef or amateur cook. The Easy Pour Mixing Bowl means no more spilled on the counter-top, stove-top or even the floor...contents go where intended. It is the perfect way to transfer foods and will be appreciated by every user.”

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