Invents Unveils "French Navel Washer", Precision Cleansing System Keeps Bacteria Out Of Belly Button

The French Navel Washer is a simple, yet effective way to thoroughly clean belly buttons

A group of NC based researchers in their Belly Button Biodiversity (BBB) project swabbed 60 belly buttons and identified a total of 2,368 species of bacteria. This alarming finding makes those of us who are health conscious and meticulous in our grooming realize that there is one area of our bodies that we are neglecting – the belly button. Now, this area of the body can be easily cleansed with the French Navel Washer. An application brush or sponge, the French Navel Washer is designed to thoroughly cleanse the navel, providing a simple and effective way to facilitate good health as well as personal hygiene.

The Patent Pending French Navel Washer was invented by a Vietnam veteran who served in the US Air Force, Riley Manley, Jr of Anaheim, CA. He said, “Fashioned of a durable, waterproof plastic material, the French Navel Washer has a tubular shape. The proximal handle boasts a series of threads at one end which serve as the attachment point for the cleansing head. The latter component is comprised of a series of soft yet effective brush bristles or a hypoallergenic, absorbent sponge. The French Navel Washer is packaged with a convenient casing to protect the unit from airborne contaminants, while also serving to provide protection for travel. Also, it comes with a 30, 60, or 90 supply of the detachable brush bristle or absorbent sponge heads so that used ones can be replaced with clean sanitary ones.”

"The belly button, also known as the navel to non-medical personnel, is called the umbilicus in the textbooks. The navel is one of the few places on your body where perspiration has a chance to accumulate before evaporating. Lint from clothing can adhere to the moist area. The French Navel Washer removes all debris and keeps the belly button, 'innie's' particularly, clean and fresh."

Riley Manley, Jr, Inventor

The inventor added, “The French Navel Washer can be used in a matter of seconds while in the shower or bath. Used just once a day, it eliminates the risk of bacteria collecting in the navel, preventing soreness and infections that not only cause pain but can also compromise one's overall health.”

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