Invents Unveils "Heat In Window Sealer", Avoid Interior Drafts On Cold & Windy Winter Days

The Heat In Window Sealer is for households, businesses, & institutions in attractive, form-fitting sheets that seal window openings tightly against drafts.

Faced with drafty windows, householders try many makeshift remedies- duct-taping or stapling cardboard or rolled plastic sheeting over the windows. They may also attempt to wedge towels or other fabrics around the edges of the window or frame. These methods are not only less than effective, they're also unsightly, and using duct-tape removes paint and staples leave holes. With the Heat In Window Sealer, these problems are eliminated. A product line of form-fitting, re-usable interior window covers, the Heat In Window Sealer eliminates drafts of exterior and interior air, giving an economical, easily installed way to reduce heating expenses in winter and air-conditioning expenses in summer.

Fabricated in molded plastic, Heat In Window Sealer is produced in a range of sizes to accommodate the most popular sizes of windows in height and width, number of frames, single- and double-hung, casement, etc. The interior side is colored in a variety of neutral tones (white, beige, tan, gray, olive, etc) to coordinate with existing interior color schemes. The inner surface can also be lightly textured to enhance the appearance. The back or exterior side can be equipped with a layer of covered insulation to enhance the Heat In Window Sealer's heat-saving, insulating properties, or it can simply be bare.

"This is so easy to install that anyone can do it. The fact that it helps keep a room in a home, office or institution during the cold windy days of winter is the key factor inventing it. It leaves no mess and needs no tools to install or to remove."

Joseph Brinson, Inventor

The Patent Pending Heat In Window Sealer was invented by Joseph Brinson of Bronx, NY, who said, “The Heat In Window Sealer is reusable, affordable and exceptionally easy to install without tools. To use the Heat In Window Sealer, one simply fastens it to a window or window-frame with mating, removable Velcro® strips equipped with peel-and-stick, non-marring adhesive backings. The borders or edges are finished with soft plastic or rubber flanges or gaskets so that when pressed into place, the Heat In Window Sealer makes an effectively airtight seal over the window.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Development of this product is being handled by Invents Company. For more info about licensing or sale, contact the Licensing Dept at Invents Company, 450 7th Ave, Suite 1107 NY, NY 10123. Tel: 212-620-2629