Invents Unveils "OF Scaler", Prepare And Clean Fish With Ease For Cooking

The Unique OF Scaler makes preparing fresh fish for cooking easier and more convenient.

One of the most difficult aspects of fishing is scaling the fish for cooking. After all, it's one thing to catch a fish, but it's another thing entirely to prepare a fish for cooking. To descale a fish, some people may pick at its scales with fingernails or may drag a sharp knife across the fish and accidentally puncture the fish or themselves. The OF Scaler can descale the catch of the day quickly and efficiently. The OF Scaler scrapes the scales off of fish, removing them prior to preparing fish for cooking and consumption. It is a two sided, handheld, floating, sturdy plastic fish scaler with removable blades.

The OF Scaler has a long sturdy plastic handle which is filled or integrated with a buoyant material to keep the entire unit afloat should it be dropped in water. At the end of the handle is a group of three serrated aluminum notches that, when glided or circled over a fish, removes the scales quickly and easily. A larger set of blades is on one side for scaling larger fish and a smaller set is on the opposite side for scaling smaller fish. These circular sets are removable for easy cleaning and eventual replacement if necessary. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the OF Scaler.

"Sometimes the best part of fishing is the eating; but that can be difficult if one has to spend backbreaking hours scaling and cleaning the fish. The OF Scaler makes this a breeze enhances the trip to the plate."

Pauline Anderson, Inventor

The Patent Pending OF Scaler was invented by Pauline Anderson of Brockton, MA, who said, “If one wants to eat healthy with fresh foods, especially fish, the OF Scaler helps makes that possible. With it, people can scale their own fresh fish. Then simply rinse clean the OF Scaler with soap and water or remove the blades for an even more thorough cleansing. In addition, the fact that these blades are removable and replaceable means savings for the consumer. No need to replace the whole product over time. Instead, replace the blades and keep on scaling at little cost. Another advantage is that the OF Scaler floats. If it is mistakenly dropped in water, it can easily be found and retrieved.”

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