Invents Unveils "SteraBliss": Provides Struggle-Free Hygienically Cleansed Nipples & Baby Bottles.

Finally here is a “combination” type of baby bottle/nipple cleaner every parent and caregiver has been searching for. SteraBliss is a specially designed motorized electric cleaning brush system configured for use with infant baby bottles and nipples. SteraBliss is designed to provide consumers with a simple means of thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing their infant’s baby bottles. The SteraBliss bottle brush is designed to clean both the baby bottle and nipple simultaneously.

The device has a detachable elongated brush, sized appropriately to accommodate standard eight oz. bottles with the brush head’s rotating bristles encompassing the interior of the bottle during use. A series of openings are positioned along the stem of the brush and disperse bursts of water into the bottle while the device is in motion. The nipple is mounted and encompassed by a series of brushes functioning in the same manner as the bottle brush cleaning the inside and outside simultaneously. A heavy-duty plastic or clear glass casing would encircle the bottle and nipple brushes serving to keep water within the unit while in use. As an added component SteraBliss has a steam feature that emits a vapor of steam into the enclosed casing following cleaning while an ultraviolet light is included that serves to thoroughly sterilize the bottle at the end of the washing cycle.
SteraBliss is Patent Pending and was invented by Maria Rodriguez, Esther Rodriguez & Katherine Dominguez all from Bronx, NY who said, “This product can be utilized in conjunction with virtually any plastic or glass baby bottle and powered by a USB connection or directly charged when necessary. In either situation the user can be certain the child’s bottle is pristinely clean and safe to use. It works.”

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