Invents Unveils 'T.O.C.': Title of Creation (Invented for the Producer) Serves as a 'Tag'.

Composers of music can easily lose their music which will be unclaimed because people are clueless and don’t have the T.O.C. That will not happen when the T.O.C. Title of Creation is utilized. Why? Because T.O.C. Title of Creation presents musical composers with a simple, effective means of identifying compositions as their own. A unique software program that would digitally “tag” their beats in terms of when, where and by whom the beats were created, the T.O.C. Title of Creation would also enable composers and producers to create a paper title for each composition, certifying and proving their artistic creation and ownership.

The T.O.C. Title of Creation was conceived as a software program for musical composition and production – a program that “tags” a composer’s beats with a unique digital signature, signifying the time and place in which the beat has been created, and identifying the composer or maker of the beat. This digital signature accompanies the beat as a permanent identifying feature, so the composition is then inseparable from the identity of the composer. The T.O.C. Title of Creation would affix this digital signature to beats created with any music-production software, regardless of what operating systems (PC, Mac, etc.) or software programs are involved in creating and producing the beats: BTV Solo, Acoustica Mixcraft, FL Studio, etc. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in T.O.C. Title of Creation.

T.O.C. Title of Creation is Patent Pending and was designed by Eddie Reyes of Oxnard, CA because of professional experience and the need for such a product. They said, “T.O.C. Title of Creation registers one’s creation and gives one the ability to print an official document – the ‘Title of Creation’. It works for all genres in music industry—artists, record labels, producers, songwriters and more. Best of all, it works.”

EDITOR'S NOTE: Development of this product is being handled by Invents Company. For more information about licensing or sale, call 212-620-2629

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