Invents Unveils 'Tag a Friend': Allows Certain Jewels to 'Shake' With Loving Anticipation to the Recipient

Tag A Friend is a line of jewelry, including rings, bracelets and pendants, with jewelry items offered with companion application software designed to work in tandem with the piece. Jewelry from this line features an integrated receiver, which upon reception of a signal sent from a user's smartphone via the application software, causes the jewelry piece to vibrate (in a one-, two- or three-second pulse or combination thereof, or even pulse to the tune of a favorite song) on command. The design intent is to provide consumers with a novel and unobtrusive means of letting another person know they are thinking about them by the wearer feeling the vibration and knowing that the person who gifted the item to them was sending them warm thoughts. Attachable vibration devices will also be sold separately for existing jewelry.

The different pieces in the line are geared toward female and male consumers alike. Jewelry is manufactured of semi-precious and precious metal and features faux or real gemstones. The line includes rings, bracelets and pendants with sizes for children, teens and adults. Housed within each piece of jewelry is the receiver and vibrating mechanism. The receiver is programmed to work in tandem with the application software included with the unit. It is powered by a small, internally contained battery or a rechargeable device. The Tag A Friend software is or can be accessed via popular application outlets such as the Apple App Store, and iTunes with a passcode included with the sale of the jewelry item for use in activating the download. A nominal fee is charged with the initial purchase of the Tag A Friend jewelry for this application and periodic updates are made available as they are developed. Vibration devices can also be sold separately. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Tag A Friend.
Tag A Friend is Patent Pending and was invented by William Ragona of Baldwin, New York, who said, “Tag A Friend is unusual because it allows the user to privately reach out to a friend or lover while being indiscriminately silent and personal. The signal Indicates the high level of interest of the sender. It works.”

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