Invents Unveils "The Circle Around", Find Old Time Fun Exercising While Enjoying A Competitive Game

The Circle Around works well for children of all ages. It is an enhancement of a toy and game from the 18th century that will never go out of style.

Many people may agree that the toys from the past were simpler to use and engaged a child in exercise and imaginative play more than the electronic games of today. An enhancement of a toy from the 18th century, The Circle Around, is such a product. The Circle Around is a specially designed, hoop-and-pole toy that provides young children, as well as adults, both young and old, with hours of fun-filled, interactive amusement and physical exercise.

The Circle Around involves a circular hoop that is manipulated into motion with a companion, telescoping pole, challenging a user's skill and acumen while providing both fun and exercise. This hoop is offered in various diameters to accommodate a user's age, height, and skill level. The center of this hoop features decorative and whimsical bells, and the outer circle of the hoop features reflective strips on either side as well. The companion pole is an elongated, tubular unit. At its end, where it is held, a practical tether is supplied to secure this “catch” pole to a user's wrist. A twist-and-lock mechanism allows the pole to be telescopically adjusted to best fit a player's reach. At the end of the pole, or the actual “catch” portion of The Circle Around, is a unique hook shape, resembling an angled, backward “J', with the bottom of the hook curling back over and downward. The pole is used to roll a vertically positioned hoop along a hard surface, such as concrete, with the hook used to both manipulate the hoop through skilled turns and twists and to stop the motion of the hoop at the conclusion of play. While the Circle Around is played, the sound created when the metal hoop travels along a sidewalk, driveway, or parking lot is a soothing, Zen-like cadence that facilitates a user's concentration.

"Sometimes walking down memory lane can be enjoyable and when grandparents, parents and kids play with The Circle Around it is more than a walk, it can be a run and it works to keep fitness on a level that means good health plus fun."

Antimo & Antonia Penta, Inventors

Patent Pending, The Circle Around was invented by Antimo and Antonia Penta of Philadelphia, PA, who said, “The Circle Around can be safely and easily enjoyed by all ages, whether alone or in competitive races and obstacle-course style competitions with friends. It helps younger children sharpen their hand-eye coordination while providing amusement. Also, it provides a fun, easy to use exercise apparatus that inspires young people to engage in physical activity, without even realizing it. The Circle Around's simple universal design lends this product a classic appeal, ensuring that it can be enjoyed for many generations to come.”

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