Invents Unveils "The Easy Summer": Efficient Finishes Made Quick and Easy With This New Paint Applicator

Estimating the cost of labor is a vital part of winning a bid on construction or renovation projects. This new tool enables a user to complete the work in a fraction of the amount normally thought by administrative staff when it comes to finishes.  The Easy Summer is a specially designed applicator for paint, with the device boasting a reservoir inside of which paint would be stored and dispensed to three (or four), adjustable mechanical rollers. The design intent is to provide a practical tool which would readily facilitate the process of painting, particularly when painting fences, poles and similar surfaces by enabling the user to paint multiple sides simultaneously.

Easy Summer is comprised of an angled container/dispenser manufactured of a lightweight, yet heavy duty plastic material. Incorporated into the design of the dispenser and suspended from the underside of the unit is an integrated hand grip for use in easily handling and manipulating the device. The dispenser mechanism boasts a threaded fitting at its proximal end, while the distal end is connected to a dispenser tube that loads the attached paint rollers with paint. This dispenser tube runs through the attached paint rollers and features a series of openings that dispense paint directly into the roller during use. The rollers are fully adjustable to accommodate the designated painting task with each roller mounted on a rotating arm that houses the paint dispenser tube. Three rollers are included with the Easy Summer, while an optional fourth roller is sold separately. Further, rollers for use with the Easy Summer are offered in a variety of lengths and diameters to accommodate different painting tasks. Notably, the Easy Summer employs a “G-force injection” system for applying paint to the roller heads. The Easy Summer also boasts an integrated, trigger activated manual pump incorporated into its design. An industrial purpose Easy Summer will also be produced.
The Easy Summer is Patent Pending and was invented by Eduardo Ayala and Juan Torres of Downey, CA who said, “This unit is unique in that the rollers can be positioned in either square or rectangular shapes enabling the user to complete designated painting tasks in a fraction of the time normally associated with traditional painting methods. Estimating man hours for pricing out a section of the finish work minimizes the bottom line. And best of, it works.”

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