Invents Unveils "The Hold UR Phone": Provides Safe and Easy Access to Smartphone and More.

In today’s world people of all ages find that a cell phone has a definite hold on his or her personality and character. Losing a phone is costly and time consuming and the ability to be certain one is capable and able to protect their smart phone has vital and positive impact to an individual. Hold UR Phone offers consumers a handy means of holding and protecting smartphones in public and private restrooms as well as on the back of seats at all travel and public seating venues. Holding the phone securely within a sturdy wall-mounted cradle, located adjacent to the toilet-paper holder, or on seat backs, Hold UR Phone keeps phones from falling onto the ground, floors or into toilets.

Hold UR Phone is fabricated in stainless steel or hard plastic in a shape that resembles a taco shell. This shell mounts flush to a wall with a front face plate that extends outward from the wall at an angle of 30º to--35º from the vertical back plate. The two plates curve at the bottom in a semicircular arc which forms the base of the Hold UR Phone. This provides room for phone covers of all sizes. The back or anchor plate measures 6.75 inches, end to end, in length, and 3 inches in total height. The sides rise vertically for about half the height of the plate, then arcs inward. The top is a flattened arch 3.75 inches in length. This back plate is equipped with two to four screws, depending on weight load.The front or face plate is slightly smaller than the back plate, measuring 5.5 inches, end to end, in length and 2.75 inches in height. The sides of the front plate rise vertically for about 1/3 of the total height; above which the front plate forms a smooth, continuous arc to its full height apex. Since the front plate is smaller than the back plate, it mirrors the screw-holes on the back plate; allowing them to be easily accessed. Mounting hardware is included in the Hold UR Phone package.Hold UR Phone can be easily cleaned with a simple disinfectant wipe. It is useful in the bathrooms of all homes, apartments, condos, mobile-homes, port-o-potties and public restrooms. It is a must while one sits in a venue catering to entertainment, conferences, religion services, movies, sporting events, and travel. Phones are taken from pockets and purses and placed in the Hold UR Phone for easy access.
Hold UR Phone is Patent Pending and was invented by Tara Kathleen Ryan of Pasadena, CA who said, “This unit serves to protect a smartphone by cradling it in a holster while one is otherwise involved while wanting assurance their phone is stable and secure. It is perfect for those using a public restroom but works equally well in bathrooms in homes, or other types of venues. The phone is placed out of reach of a possible thief while in a restroom, but it also is a useful hanger for other items such as wallets, purses, sunglasses and more. Easy access is the answer and Hold UR Phone works.”

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