Invents Unveils "The Just Go Bag" a Foldable Backpack That Bends and Stretches With the User

The Webster-Merriam online dictionary describes transport as an act or process of transporting or :to transfer or convey from one place to another. These two descriptions exemplify the new Just Go Bag.  The Just Go Bag is a modified carrying bag system that features a multi-folding design within a convenient backpack strap assembly. The Just Go Bag provides consumers with a bag that is easier to pack, carry and with easy access to a wider variety of objects than traditional backpacks and carryalls provide.

Just Go Bag system facilitates more even weight distribution for additional cargo than is available in traditional bags but is similar in appearance to a standard backpack and produced using reinforced, waterproof textile material such as durable and breathable Gore-Tex. Each Just Go Bag is sized to house a wide array of both personal, business, or school-related items. Positioned on the back of the pack are two adjustable shoulder straps designed for easy transport to accommodate each user's individual body type. An open Just Go Bag will lie flat on a surface and after one loads the bag with his or her items, the user then begin folding the flaps and connecting the sections. Each section is designed to fold with the left side folded first then followed by the right. The bottom and top folds would be affixed last. There would be one clip on each corner of the flaps, and a center clip for the final top and bottom flap. Attractive and practical it comes in a variety of colors and neutral hues of black, beige, or brown.
The Just Go Bag is Patent Pending and was invented by Justin Smith of Huntington Beach, CA who said, “You can take whatever you need, wherever you go, and it is the most user-friendly means of bearing and carrying a bag that one could ever imagine. It is comfortable and works perfectly.”

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