Invents Unveils "The O'Connor's Potty Walker", Help Toddler Learn Potty Training With Ease

The O'Connor's Potty Walker encourages a child to use a potty as well as to stand and walk.

During the first year of a child's life, he or she is learning and developing many skills, two of which are walking and potty use. Parents may buy a walker and a child's potty for their toddler, but there is one product that serves as both a potty and a walker. A specially designed infant walker, the O'Connor's Potty Walker has an integrated potty chair, providing the child a practical way to learn to use the potty while simultaneously developing walking skills. A sturdy adult version with adjustable legs and hinged door entry can also be made available.

Manufactured in accordance to the stringent guidelines for children's products as set forth by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), the O'Connor's Potty Walker is similar to a traditional walker, but with an actual removable potty bowl which can easily be cleaned and maintained. This circular potty bowl is housed within the center of the seat and suspended directly below. The rim of the potty is sized appropriately to comfortably support an infant or toddler. A removable padded cover discreetly hides the potty when not in use and can be easily removed to provide the child access to the potty.

"As a parent, I wanted a product that would help teach a child to be potty trained at an early age. Just think no more diapers! O'Connor's Potty Walker works as a proper aid for a child's early potty performance."

Daphne E. O'Connor , Inventor

The Patent Pending O'Connor's Potty Walker was invented by Daphne E. O'Connor of Newburgh, NY, who said, “The O' Connor's Potty Walker has several advantages. Since a child can be potty trained at an early age with the O'Connor's Potty Walker, dependence on disposable diapers is reduced, which makes it an environmentally friendly product, not to mention the potential savings in diaper costs.”

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