Invents Unveils "The Runfs or Rumbins": Nursing Mom and Baby Will Both Benefit From This Product.

Busy and active Mom’s do not always remember which breast was last used to feed the baby. When using this unique product, it is simple and easy to know which breast to use next to feed the infant with a nutritious supply of milk. Runfs Or Rumbins is two soft ribbons to be easily secured to a nursing bra via a simple snap closure or comparable fastener. The design intent is to provide nursing mothers with a practical reminder of which breast should be presented to the child when nursing. An important benefit of the Rumbins is the chance that it reduces the risk of suffering from uncomfortable breast infections; one of the causes for infection is over-engorgement in one breast that may occur when one continuously forgets to feed from both breasts equally.

Runfs or Rumbins comes as a set of two comfy yet stylish ribbons that are easily attached onto both straps of the mothers nursing bra. Once both Rumbins are secure and neatly fastened, the mom may begin to enjoy the benefits of this convenient reminder process. The way it works is the next time the mother is ready to breast feed she opens the flap of her bra of the side she desires, and the ribbon which she placed over her clip will now automatically drop below the closure clip. When she has completed nursing from that side she closes the flap leaving the ribbon covered by the flap indicating that it's her side A. When mom and baby are ready for side B, she opens the second side flap but this time before she closes it again, after the feeding session is over, she first pulls the dropped Rumbin up above the closure clip, closes the flap with its clip and then neatly places the device over the clip indicating where she would begin her next feeding. The decorative Rumbins stay out only on one side of the bra to clearly show which side the mom fed the baby from last. The next feeding, she repeats the process again, starting from side B and finishing off with side A. This process is extremely simple to learn and is ultra-convenient. A Mom does not have to remember to switch a single reminder over to the other side like existing reminders on the market.
Runfs or Rumbins is Patent Pending and was invented by Aida Blumenfeld of Monroe, NY who said, “Nursing Mom’s often struggle with remembering which breast was used last due to fatigue, exhaustion and lack of memory after birth. Runfs or Rumbins can be made fancy or simple depending upon a mother’s likes. It also makes a lovely, thoughtful, useful and meaningful gift. For those who want to support the Breast-cancer foundation it can be ordered with the pink cancer ribbon symbol embroidered on it. It works.”

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