Invents Unveils "The Sneeze Bag", Catch The Germs Before They Fly Away

The Sneeze Bag is effective and catches and contains the germs that are released when one sneezes or coughs.

Any reasonably polite and considerate person strives to prevent the spread of germs, by using a hand to cover his or her mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing. This may keep the bacteria and viruses from being transmitted to others, but the germs are still transferred to the hand that is used to cover the mouth and nose. One convenient way to dramatically reduce the spread of these germs to others and also to one's hand is with The Sneeze Bag. The Sneeze Bag is a multi-use, disposable personal hygiene accessory – an antiseptic-lined bag in which to “catch” one's sneeze or cough. Produced in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to suit males and females, children and adults, The Sneeze Bag is useful on public transportation, in schools, in restaurants, in health-care facilities - anywhere others are in relatively close quarters.

Patent Pending, The Sneeze Bag was invented by Carey Leon Jones of Hemet, CA, who said, “The Sneeze Bag is slightly balloon-shaped and produced in a sanitary, soft, absorbent, flushable paper. It features an alcohol-based, anti-microbial lining that both absorbs and kills bacteria and viruses. The outer layer of The Sneeze Bag, in contrast, is impermeable for use, but rapidly biodegradable when discarded or flushed. It can be sold in handy, multi-unit pocket packs, similar to pocket tissues.”

"Grab the Kleenex is a comment everyone makes as they feel a sneeze or cough approaching...but the Sneeze Bag is a better answer because it absorbs and kills bacteria and viruses before they 'reach' the rest of the environment. It works!"

Carey Leon Jones, Inventor

The inventor added, “One simply places the open end of The Sneeze Bag over his or her mouth and nose prior to a sneeze. After sneezing into the bag, one twists the bag shut as close to the mouth and nose as practicable. The Sneeze Bag can be reused on a limited basis and disposed of in a trash can or by flushing it down a toilet.”

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