Invents Unveils "Ultimate Mat Back Scrubber", Easily Scrub Back & Shoulders With Gentle Bristles

The Ultimate Mat Back Scrubber is a simple and effective way to thoroughly clean hard-to-reach areas of the body.

In order to clean those hard to reach areas of the body, one may have to bend, twist or stretch the arms in awkward positions, but with the Ultimate Mat Back Scrubber one doesn't have to contort the body in odd positions. The Ultimate Mat Back Scrubber, wall mounted in any bath or shower stall, scrubs one's back with gentle bristles. This easily installed device provides a simple and hygienic way to clean the back, shoulders, neck and similar hard to reach areas of one's body.

The Patent Pending Ultimate Mat Back Scrubber was invented by Caroline Johnson of Los Angeles, CA, who said, “The Ultimate Mat Back Scrubber has an ample scrubbing surface loaded with soft, yet firm, bristles. It gently scrubs away germs and bacteria from the hard to reach areas, ensuring that these areas are clean and fresh.”

"Few individuals have the ability to move sufficiently in order to wash their own back, and shoulders. The Ultimate Mat Back Scrubber defies gravity and allows the showering user to get rid of dead skin cells, germs and bacteria while leaving those areas squeaky clean."

Caroline Johnson, Inventor

The inventor added, “Manufactured primarily of lightweight and pliable, yet heavy duty plastic or rubber material, the Ultimate Mat Back Scrubber is sized appropriately to encompass the back of an average adult user. The underside of the unit is flat, while the surfacae of the unit is covered in a series of natural or synthetic fiber bristles that gently scrub one's body. Encompassing the surface of the mat completely, these bristles can be offered in a variety of lengths to accommodate the natural curves of the back, neck, and spinal column. It is easily mounted to the shower or bath stall wall by way of heavy duty suction cup fasteners peppered across the underside of the unit. It can be easily removed and repositioned as desired.”

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