"Invisibuddy": A Fun and Whimsical New Toy That Enhances Their Imagination

Invents introduces the "Invisibuddy" fulfilling the whimsical playtime in youngster's imagination.

​Imaginary friends will never be a thing of the past. During childhood the imagination runs swiftly down a path lost sight of as one grows older. Fantasy using the fiction of a special playmate or pet is helpful to children of all ages as well as those with Autism or other social and learning disorders. The Invisibuddy is an invisible; friend or pet specially designed and packaged as a toy for young children that is furnished with a host of identifying accessories including “likes” and “dislikes”. The design intent of Invisibuddy is to provide children with a fun and whimsical new toy that enhances their imagination.

This new item is perfect for a child and actually packaged in such a way that when they look into the box they see themselves. The “friends” inside the box have several different notes showing their personality as well as what they like best. The character possibilities for Invisibuddy are limitless. This product provides children with an outlet that fosters creativity and imagination and offers a way to create, narrate and project adventure, all the while stimulating the mind. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Invisibuddy.
The Patent Pending Invisibuddy was invented by Elaine Thomas of Nazareth, PA who said, “Invisibuddy encourages interaction and aids in social skills while playing with others. If a parent or other grown up is lucky and a “listener” it is entirely possible, he or she will be introduced to the imaginary playmate.”

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