Keep Those Paws Clean And Dry At All Times With Booties That Never Slip With "No Slip Dog Booties"

"No Slip Dog Booties" efficiently and reliably secures dog booties to a dog's paws for adequate coverage.

Pet owners love their dogs, but do not love the dirt they track into the house. Many pet owners have tried to solve this problem with dog booties, but find that they have to continually stop while walking a pet in order to reapply the booties, because they have slipped off. Imagine a way to keep those paws clean and dry at all times with booties that never slip. No Slip Dog Booties is an adjustable harness for dogs with four, lightweight and flexible leg straps, each which runs the length of a dog's legs and are attached to a specially designed dog booty worn on each paw. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the No Slip Dog Booties.

The Patent Pending No Slip Dog Booties was invented by Carol and Bruce Kerill of West Chicago, IL, who said, “Offered in various lengths to accommodate dogs from miniature and toy breeds to extra large breeds, the adjustable harness of the No Slip Dog Booties is secured along the dog's back and wraps around its chest underneath and in front. Integrally attached to either end of the harness are two sets of two, specially designed suspenders or “leg straps” that run down animal's legs. Lightweight and flexible, these leg straps have integrated adjustment buckles to enable one to adjust the length of the straps to the animal's legs for a customized fit. Most notably, attached to the base of each leg strap is a reinforced dog booty, manufactured from a variety of lightweight, waterproof materials including nylon, canvas, neoprene, faux leather or similar synthetic. The underside of each booty is coated in cushiony, nonskid rubber or similar material for the animal to walk in a steady and stable manner.”

The inventor added, “Available in a variety of vibrant colors and printed designs, the booties protect tender paws from cold and hot ground and prevent cuts and abrasions. Easily applied and comfortable to wear, the No Slip Dog Booties make walking the dog more enjoyable for both the owner and the dog.”

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