"Kitchen Fresh—No More Stink in Your Sink": Sink Drain Smells Good and is Deodorized at First Dribble of Water

The Kitchen Fresh is an antibacterial, deodorizing, sink drain strainer-with a special “cage” to house a deodorizing tablet, designed not only to strain out food particles, but also to disinfect and deodorize the drain every time water passes through it. Killing odor-causing bacteria and releasing a clean, fresh-smelling scent, the Kitchen Fresh would address and neutralize disagreeable kitchen odors in the drain trap, thus appealing to any consumer (or commercial/institutional establishment with a kitchen or break-room) who desires a clean, fresh-smelling kitchen.

Kitchen Fresh presents as a standard, molded-plastic or stainless-steel strainer measuring standard garbage disposals with the strainer cup-like conforming to the contours of a standard kitchen-sink drain having a centered, circular knob. Measurements are approximate and vary to allow Kitchen Fresh to set and allow the flow of water to pass through the strainer and out of the sides and down the drain. The strainer is fabricated in molded rubber and unlike other strainers it incorporates a layer between the strainer and the basin below and sandwiched between the strainer above and a cage-like fitting below, is a flow-through compartment housing a disc-shaped, replaceable deodorizer - disinfectant tablet or cartridge. This tablet serves to deodorize and disinfect water passing through the strainer. The tablet would necessarily be fabricated with a center hole; and the junction between the basin and shaft would have a twist-lock fitting, enabling the user to remove the basin momentarily to replace the tablet or cartridge, which is thereafter held in place within a plastic cage or catch-basin. The entire Kitchen Fresh assembly conforms in size and shape to any standard kitchen-sink drain. The retail Kitchen Fresh package consists of the strainer and two deodorizer/disinfectant tablets, with refill tablets sold separately in multi-unit packs. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Kitchen Fresh.
Kitchen Fresh is Patent Pending and was invented by Anthony Balser and John White of Pasadena, CA who said, “Why isn’t there a product that really solves this overlooked problem daily not temporary basis. The kitchen sink was introduced in the 18th century almost 200 years ago and yet we still clean the sink drain the same way using citrus peelings or what have you.  There’s a few products that are a temporary fix, but now—finally in the 21stcentury—Kitchen Fresh, a unique invention, solves the problem daily. Unless you live in a house without a kitchen, you might never understand the vital impact Kitchen Fresh provides. Kitchen Fresh disinfects and deodorizes the kitchen sink drain without any real effort on the user’s part every time water passes through it and by killing odor-causing bacteria and releasing a clean, fresh-smelling scent, it addresses and neutralizes disagreeable kitchen odors at a commonly-overlooked source: the drain-water and food-particles that are washed into, and accumulate within, the drain trap and garbage disposal. It works perfectly.”

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