"Kleen Kards": Cleans Cards That Are Handled by Multiple People

​Kleen Kards is a motorized cleansing unit designed to clean multiple reusable cards such as hotel room key cards, as well as credit cards and membership cards. It is meant to provide a fast, effective means of sanitizing cards, especially in great numbers, and preventing the transfer of germs and bacteria to users. The top of the unit will feature a tray to hold a stack of cards in various sizes. The cards then will be automatically fed into the interior of the Kleen Kard device. Here they will be immersed in a liquid solution formulated to kill germs and bacteria. Next, the cards will be placed in a drying area where fans will quickly dry the sanitizing liquid. After this is complete, which should be only about 10 seconds, they will be released into a hopper at the base of the unit.

Kleen Kards can provide lodging establishments both large and small with a highly effective method of ensuring the health and well-being of their patrons, by issuing them a clean key card when checking in. The unit will help ensure the spread of contaminates between users. Thwarting the transfer of many harmful germs that thrive on hands, Kleen Kards will protect hotel employees in addition to the public from viruses and illnesses than can be transferred from these cards. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Kleen Kards.
The Patent Pending Kleen Kards was invented by Andrea Mason of Newark, NJ who said, “Kleen Kards unit will be ideal for use with virtually any type of plastic card that is handled by multiple people.”

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