"L-3000": Adjustable-Width Design Gives These Ladders Greater Stability

Invents introduces the "L-3000" which is a ladder that can be pulled apart for larger spaces.

​The online Merriam-Webster dictionary describes ladder as: 1) a structure for climbing up or down that consists essentially of two long sidepieces joined at intervals by crosspieces on which one may step; 2) something that resembles or suggests a ladder in form of use; and 3) a series of usually ascending steps or stages. The new L-3000 fits all three descriptions. It is a product line of rigid ladders, the design of which permits the side-rails of the ladder and the rungs between them to be extended to a variety of widths. The unique adjustable-width design gives these ladders greater stability offering workers more space to move laterally while working from the ladder and makes the L-3000 more adaptable in terms of space, both in tight and open areas.

The L-3000 ladders are offered in a variety of lengths from 4’ to 6’ to 8’ and are fabricated of aluminum or fiberglass with adjustable rubber-pad feet and are slightly wider at the base than at the top. The rungs of the L-3000 are flat-topped and thicker than those of a standard conventional rigid ladder and they are constructed with a sliding, extendable, tube-within-tube, telescoping design. To increase the width of the L-3000, one releases the lever-operated locks – one per rung – which secure the sliding, out tube of the rung to the inner tube and then pull the side-rails out to the desired width; then lock the rungs at this extension with the lever locks. It is a swift and all-in one operation. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the L-3000.
The Patent Pending L-3000 was invented by Edward Marrow of Setauket, NY who said, “This is a new design in fixed rigid ladders and permits the rails and rungs be extended and locked at a variety of widths. Users have desired this type of ladder for years and now it is here and even better yet,  is easier on the user’s feet too. It works perfectly.”

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