"Le Brush": A Toilet Cleanser and Brush All-in-One

​Le Brush is a toilet brush with the ability to house a cleanser in the brush handle. At the push of a button it will dispense cleanser through the brush head and into the toilet. It is designed to make it easier for consumers to clean their toilet mess free. There will be a screw on lid at the top of the handle that covers the hollow interior of the tube where the cleaning liquid is housed. The liquid cleaner in the handle will be channeled through the brush and dispenses through a small spray nozzle directly above the brush head. A finger activated trigger or push button will be used to control the amount of spray dispensed. Le Brush will be packaged with a discrete caddy to provide sanitary housing for the brush between cleanings.

With the hollowed receptacle, Le Brush will provide an efficient tool for use in cleaning the most challenging household fixture of all, the toilet. While this was conceived with household users in mind, professional cleaning services, and business establishments would find this product very useful. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Le Brush.
The Patent Pending Le Brush was invented by Ofra Irit Lemay of Hillsdale, NJ who said, “Using Le Brush will eliminate the need to juggle both a toilet brush and a bottle of cleaner while attempting to clean your toilet. It works perfectly.”

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Source: Invents Company


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