"Line Buzzer Technic-Soccer Referee Enhancements": A Sensor System Specifically Created for the Sport of Soccer

"Line Buzzer Technic-Soccer Referee Enhancements" has sensors that determine when the ball crosses/touches the line.

In today’s world new products come along all the time. Some are improvements to existing products and some as totally new, unexpected, but badly needed devices, products or items. That is the case of the new Line Buzzer Technic-Soccer Referee Enhancements.  The Line Buzzer Technic-Soccer Referee Enhancements is a sensor system specifically created for the sport of soccer that is able to automatically detect where a ball crosses the outside perimeter lines of a field or the goal line. The design intent of the Line Buzzer Technic-Soccer Referee Enhancements is to provide clear and accurate penalty calls and eliminate human error and potentially unfair losses.

The new Line Buzzer Technic-Soccer Referee Enhancements encompasses an entire soccer arena in conjunction with a specially designed companion ball, and is able to both audibly and visibly detect whether a ball has passed over the outside lines or the goal line. It allows players, officials and fans to know exactly what has happened and controversial calls can be totally eliminated. The technology involved in this product is readily available. The transmitting component of the Line Buzzer Techni consists of a chip embedded inside a globally accepted, regulation leather ball used in play.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Line Buzzer Technic-Soccer Referee Enhancements. 

The Patent Pending Line Buzzer Technic-Soccer Referee Enhancements was invented by Tefe Amewo of Brooklyn, NY who said, “This product has the ability to make an accurate call, whether the ball is on the ground or in the air. The circuitry in the receiver generates a signal and the lights begin to flash accompanied by a buzzing cacophony which never goes unseen or unheard by anyone in the arena. It lessens tension on the officials, players and spectators.”

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