Luis' Dual Purpose Utility Knife

The new Luis' Dual Purpose Utility Knife is a compact tool from tip to tip and is exactly what a tradesman or DIYer needs to work on various materials while doing construction.

A combinaton tool, this new device works well for all users, and once used, will always be kept available on a tool belt or pocket. This modified utility tool is called Luis' Dual Purpose Utility Knife. It is a retractable-blade utility knife of the slide-and-lock replaceable-blade style but also incorporates within the handle end opposite the knife-blade side, a retractable and replaceable carpenter's pencil. Both ends of this combination tool have thumb slide-and-lock positions.

Thus Luis's Dual Purpose Utility Knife is a handy, convenient pocket tool for both marking and cutting a wide variety of materials on a job site. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Luis' Dual Purpose Utility Knife.

The Patent Pending Luis' Dual Purpose Utility Knife was invented by Luis Gomez of Dover, NJ, who said, "As a home improvement contractor I saw the need for this type of utility knife. Unless you work with similar tools, it is difficult to understand the lack of a marking pencil. This dual purpose knife combines two essential tools into one and numerous tradesmen such as carpenters, Sheetrock installers, electricians, roofers and plumbers will want it in their tool kit. It works equally well for Do It Yourselfers. It is compact, affordable and will save everyone time on the job."

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