"Lure Enhancement": A Product Line of Artificial Lures Designed Specifically for the Hard-to-Hook Variety of Fish

Invents unveils the "Lure Enhancement" which helps one catch that elusive fish with ease and forethought.

​Attention avid fishermen!Here is something that will help accomplish the desired catch. These new and unusual fishing lures are a product line of artificial lures designed specifically for the hard-to-hook summer flounder or fluke (flat bottom fish), and are also effective for a variety of other species found in both fresh and salt water. The placement and orientation of the barbed hook used virtually ensures that a striking fish will be hooked in both the upper and lower lip, leading to a far greater success for the angler.

 The Lure Enhancement comes in a variety of plugs from soft-bodied, hard-bodied, weighted jig, rubber squid, or as a combination lure with a hard or soft body and a soft training jig or apron. Various sizes for catching different sized fish are available as well.  Earlier testing for design and development of the Lure Enhancement regarding the possibility of commercially available lure-making materials has officially indicated not one single lost hooked fish, making this device a valuable product for manufacturers in order to attract consumers who are avid fishermen/women.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Lure Enhancement.

The Patent Pending Lure Enhancement was invented by Joseph Nowak and Joseph Fatjo both of whom are avid fishermen living in Hazlet, NJ who said, “Fishing for recreational entertainment is a true sport of nature. Being on the water, in boat, on wharf or on shore is a wonderful feeling and being out on the ocean fishing is just as satisfying. But the most satisfaction of all if bringing in that fish, whether in salt water or freshwater. The Lure Enhancement works.”

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