"M&H Med Minder": Makes It Easy to Remember Your Daily Medicine

​Many people take several different medicines at different times of the day. It is really confusing sometimes when you must remember them on a busy, hectic day. If you think you forgot to take one and you can't take another, it becomes a problem. The M&H Med Minder is an electronic device for recording, tracking, and displaying data for multiple medications. Data includes medication name, color, size, shape, and image of the pill, dosage frequency and refill information. It is designed to alert the user when it is time to take a medication, record and transfer medication history, and provide consumers and their doctors with an organized alert and tracking system for administering multiple medications.

The M&H Med Minder is approximately 7 inches long and 4 inches wide and 4 inches deep. A small speaker provides an audible reminder when the medications need to be taken. When it is opened, The M&H Med Minder features an LCD screen to display the information stored by the unit. There also is a keypad below the screen to make it easy to program the unit. Very importantly, the bottom panel of the unit features an integrally attached, compartmented box used to store the pills to be taken each day. To make removal of the pills and tablets easy, they can be dispensed through the bottom of the tray compartments. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the M&H Med Minder.
The Patent Pending M&H Med Minder was invented by a resident of The Bronx, NY who said, “I developed this idea while caring at different times for my parents. My mom especially, had to take several different medications while I was at work. This became a problem because she would sometimes forget to take one or more—at other times she would take the meds—and subsequently forget she had and took them again. This could have caused her being overdosed. The idea of having an electronic reminding device seemed like the perfect idea. It works!”

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