"Magnacase ": Allows Cell Phones to Be Easily Read Anywhere

​Magnacase is a line of protective cell phone cases made with a translucent, magnifying cover, and a removable menu magnifier. It is designed to offer visually impaired consumers a simple, effective means of enlarging your cell phone display. A tracking chip will also be embedded in the Magnacase to allow the consumer to locate their phone, even if the battery is dead. The activator for the tracking chip can be attached to your keyring. The Magnacase will be a rectangular case, with a snug fitting plastic exterior that will fit around the perimeter of the phone. The magnification component will be clear and easy to read with a clear coating on the screen. There will also be a slide out menu magnifier on the backside of the Magnacase to magnify the sometimes hard to read menu's at a restaurant. 

The Magnacase will offer the user an effective way to enhance the display screen on their cell phone. It can offer visually impaired or aging consumers a simple way to read their cell phones by enhancing the display screen. There will be no need to go through the hassle of trying to find your glasses just to read a message on your phone. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Magnacase.

The Patent Pending Magnacase was invented by Ricky Montoya, of Covina, CA who said, “I have often found it difficult to read the screen on my cell phone. The Magnacase will allow the screen to be magnified up to six times its normal size, making it very easy to see.”

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