Make Moving Patients Easier with The EZ Grip Sheets

A unique and practical enhancement for the traditional hospital bed sheet.

Today, when attempting to move a patient, hospital personnel grab sides of the sheet, struggle with a firm grip and hope that the sheet does not tear. The normal hospital sheet is of very low quality and has been laundered thousands of times. This unsafe transporting of a patient can be eliminated with the EZ Grip Sheets. A uniquely redesigned hospital bed sheet, the EZ Grip Sheet improves a bed sheet's functionality as an aid for transferring patients from one bed to another or from bed to gurney. The EZ Grip Sheets are clinically and ergonomically designed to accommodate the needs of the widest possible range of patient sizes and clinical conditions. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the EZ Grip Sheets.

The Patent Pending EZ Grip Sheets were invented by a resident of Northern New Jersey, who said, “The EZ Grip Sheet includes reinforced vertical support straps sewn into the sheet. The straps have a circular cloth hand hold firmly secured at both ends of each strap. The personnel moving a patient simply grabs the hand holds on either side of the sheet allowing a very secure grip on the sheet. The reinforced straps provide stability for the sheet and eliminate the possibility of the sheet ripping or shredding.”

The inventor added, “The EZ Grip Sheet is not only for hospitals, but also for home use, inpatient rehab facilities, nursing homes, and long term care facilities. Patients would have a greater sense of security and less anxiety if they knew that the EZ Grip Sheets was being used to ensure their safety.”

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