"Manny's Heated Spray Bottle": Heats and Keeps Warm a Variety of Liquids Contained in Pump-Spray Bottles

​Heated liquids are important to certain industries, crafts, trades and businesses. Manny’s Heated Spray Bottle solves many problems.  It is a specially designed spray bottle and heating base, designed to heat and keep warm a variety of liquids contained in pump-type spray bottle -from water and hair tonics to cleaning agents.  The device featu4res an adjustable nozzle, LED when heating, and programmable digital temperature display.

Manny’s Heated Spray Bottle consists of several components. The bottom of a standard plastic pump-spray bottle is modified by the addition of the base which consists of a coiled heating element similar to those used in travel immersion water heaters. The bottom of the base is equipped with electrical plugs designed to connect with and engage mating plugs or connectors on a separate, countertop base unit that is electrically powered. The countertop base unit features the thermostat and user control for the system. The control panel enables the user to turn the unit on and off; to set the desired temperature, to set a specific, delayed start time or to start the device immediately. The bottle itself can withstand up to 180 degrees and has a programmable pressure relief valve to automatically release excess pressure. Once the bottle’s contents have reached the desired temperature the unit will maintain this temperature via the thermostat and heating element.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Manny’s Heated Spray Bottle.   
The Patent Pending Manny’s Heated Spray Bottle was invented by Emmanuel Rivera of Brooklyn, NY who said, “As a barber, I want a consistent means of heating and maintaining a working temperature of liquid products. This is also true of beauticians, beauty shops, household and cleaning businesses. It performs as it was designed and it works perfectly.”

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