"Measuring My Life": Measured Memories Become Treasures as a Child Grows Upward

Parents want to see the growth of their child and quite often marks are made on the back of a door or door frame to display the “getting bigger” periods. These marks are sometimes washed off or painted over and are never again retrievable such as when one moves to another residence. With this device, the record is always available. Measuring My Life is a trio of small, medium, and large collapsible rulers specially designed to allow parents and caregivers to record the progress of a child's growth via notations and photographs recorded directly on the ruler. Whether using the basic version, or the larger, deluxe version with push down picture frames, the design intent is to provide a tangible keepsake that features a writable surface, and is easily maintained and transported throughout life's changing circumstances and living arrangements.

This is a yardstick-type unit made of plastic or wood. It is fully extendable to seven feet in height with a series of hinge-connected twelve inch sections and comes in three different sized models. A small unit has a width of 1½ inches with areas to record name, birthdate, height, current age and the like but does not have the photographic option. This model is ideal for large families who are budget-conscious. The most wide-reaching Measuring My Life size is the medium unit with 2½ inch widths that allows for data and contains oval shaped slots for a photograph of the child at the time the measurement is taken. The large unit has a width of 4.5 inches and allows for inscribing more information. Regardless of model chosen, Measuring My Life is simple to use and can be easily packed and transported to any destination whether temporary or permanent. Each model provides a tangible keepsake. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Measuring My Life. 
Measuring My Life is Patent Pending and was invented by Nicole Stiegelbauer and Kimberly Amato of Nassau County, NYwho said, “This provides an accurate and portable record of a child’s growing years. Important benchmarks are portable when families move to a new dwelling. Records are documented and can be passed on to future generations. Measuring My Life also works for four-legged fur babies showing their growth as well.  Measuring My Life provides a permanent, mobile record and can be treasured wherever you reside.”

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