"Micro Go": Provides Swift and Edible Food Warmup for On-the-Go Users

​The ability to have nutritious and warm food available when one is moving from place to place is not always simple. The change when using the new Micro Go. The Micro Go is a compact, easily portable microwave oven, powered by either 120-volt household AC (alternating current) or by an included rechargeable battery-pack. The Micro Go is the ideal appliance for such on-the-go users as students, workers, picnic goers, campers, hunters, anglers, and more, as well as for householders facing a variety of circumstances in which an electrical outlet is not available or operative, such as during power-outages and storms.

The Micro Go features a glass-fronted steel cook-box encased in ABS plastic featuring a glass-fronted suitcase-style carry handle on top, and fittings for an included over-the-shoulder carry strap. The door of the Micro Go features a glass panel for interior visibility, and the door is hinged at the bottom rather than at one side, so that it opens in a vertical rather than horizontal arc. Rather than a rotating glass tray, the Micro Go employs a “microcrystalline” cooking plate, that is fixed in position to eliminate the potential for breakage, and to provide for an even distribution of heat. Controls for the Micro Go are situated to the right side of the door, and accessed by a key which serves as the On/Off power switch. Controls will include a timer setting and a “Cook” button, as well as several “shorthand” buttons for reheating beverages, making microwave popcorn, and other popular uses. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Micro Go.

The Patent Pending Micro Go was invented by Elena Evertsz and Julio Ramirez of Brooklyn, NY who said, “This device offers the height of convenience and versatility and will work virtually anywhere. It is lightweight and perfect for use when away from home such as at a tailgate party, at a park, camping site or elsewhere. It works.”

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