"Modern Diva": An App That Allows Consumers To Visualize An Outfit On Themselves In Seconds

Invents Company unveils "Modern Diva" a technological and virtual revolution for shoppers of fashionable and stylish outfits.

When one thinks of style and fashion, it might not be about technology but, the Modern Diva is just that and more. The Modern Diva is a software application system for smart phones, tablets and computers that allows a person to upload a full body picture of themselves along with their overall measurements so the consumer can scan a desired clothing item in-store or online—and the app displays the consumer's picture virtually wearing the chosen article. The design intent is to provide a practical tool which will revolutionize the shopping experience for retail and online customers by allowing them to visualize an outfit on themselves in seconds.

The Modern Diva provides a virtual paper doll that can be accessed at various retail establishments that offer the Modern Diva service as well as online venues. The program is linked to a wide variety of clothing manufacturers, retail stores and online shopping channels. It converts the user's measurements to sizing parameters offered by the various establishments ensuring accurate sizing with every purchase. It works in conjunction with security codes and price tags on garments. It makes it much simpler to view how a garment drapes over the body, hangs or hugs the figure and aids in the purchasing decision of the user. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Modern Diva.

The Patent Pending Modern Diva was invented by Maruja Johnson of Katy, TX who said, “Style and fashion are important to both men and women, but I believe females might have an edge to finding the Modern Diva a helpful aid when shopping for a new outfit. It helps to determine a proper fit and look and removes the frustrating need to try on so many different outfits. It provides a non-invasive and positive outlook to shoppers.”

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