Move And Propel Cumbersome And Heavy Strollers Easier With "The Motor Stroller"

The Motor Stroller, ride rather than run or walk when strolling baby.

More power is available to a parent when utilizing the new Motor Stroller. The Motor Stroller is a specially designed infant stroller with an integrated battery-powered motor and a support platform on which the parent or caregiver can comfortably stand on while maneuvering the child. The design intent of the Motor Stroller is to provide parents and caregivers an easier means of moving and propelling cumbersome and heavy strollers.

The Motor Stroller looks different from the traditional strollers in that it has a circular shaped carriage inside of which the child is safely restrained. It has an ergonomic padded seat and a harness with which to comfortably restrain the child during travel. The bottom of the stroller can opened to give a child more leg room if needed. The battery power will last up to 18 hours and the strong step-board has adjustable hand grips with controllers, light, phone charger plug and a storage compartment. Even with all of this the Motor Stroller can be folded for easy storage. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Motor Stroller.

The Patent Pending Motor Stroller was invented by Christopher Daughtry of Philadelphia, PA who said, “Several years ago the motorized Segway came onto the scene. Now, many years later a motorized stroller is no longer unbelievable and The Motor Stroller fits that description of getting you where you want to go, with Baby too. The Motor Stroller is a comfortable and safe way to stroll with infants and small kids. It enables the caregiver or parent to focus on the joy of spending time with their child instead of having to maneuver a heavy and cumbersome stroller. It works perfectly.”

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