"Multi-Directional Transport Device for Scaffolding": A Means of Stabilizing a Scaffold

"Multi-Directional Transport Device For Scaffolding" is a motion oriented device allowing user to safely slide or move scaffolding without help.

​Attention contractors and those in industries who work on scaffolding. This new product makes for ease in movement of a scaffold.   The Multi-Directional Transport Device For Scaffolding is a device which is attached to each base of a scaffold’s legs. The design intent is to provide a more efficient means of slide relocating scaffolding about the decking of a building without the use of wood planking and without the need to lift and carry the assembly. The Multi-Directional Transport Device For Scaffolding provides a means of stabilizing a scaffold on corrugated steel decking and normally eliminates the need for assistance from others.

The Multi-Directional Transport Device For Scaffolding is an accessory modification that every employee who daily works on scaffolding will appreciate and benefit from during the course of hours on the job.  It secures into place and easily provides the safe support needed by the user. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Multi-Directional Transport Device For Scaffolding.
The Patented Multi-Directional Transport Device For Scaffolding was invented by John Jackman of Southampton, NY who said, “I have a working prototype that successfully meets the requirements of the job.  It facilitates multi-directional movement of the scaffolding assembly with ease and also provides a stabilizing means on corrugated steel decking of buildings with an I-Beam superstructure. It saves time and thus keeps the bottom line in the black. This device has been used in 911 Memorial, Tower One, and the PASC building in the Bronx.”

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